Miss Annaliese

She was second born, is a deep copper and looks very similar to her sister Azaela. She has Apollos tan cheeks and eyebrows.Annaliese always looks like she is smiling when we hold her and someone nicknamed her 'Smiles.'  She is also usually used as a pillow for her siblings. She  is another sleep runner. We know her yellow collar is similar to the tan collar of Adelyn(below) and we may in the future remove one of the collars so they can be identified more easily. Shocked she is still available she is a sweetheart and a cuddle bug!




Miss Amelia

Amelia in our opinion has the most unique coloring. She is going to be gray/white. She has large white patches throughout her body and face. Amelia is one of the smaller pups. She is usually sleeping on Arabella or one of her siblings. We are anxious to see how her coat changes as she grows. Amelia is another pup that so far has tried to cuddle when we are weighing the pups daily. Amelia is the second pup from the litter moving out of state! She has blue eyes and Arabella wanted to photo bomb almost all of her two week pictures.


Miss Adelyn

Adelyn looks very similar to her sisters Annaleise and Audrey. She has a white under her chin. Adelyn is always ready to snuggle and loves giving her hoomans kisses. She is one of the larger pups of the litter and usually one of the first few to Arabella when it is time to eat. Addy love to curl up in my arms and snuggle. She has a very laid back personality so far. She was one of the pups that was more interested in the toys while we revamped the bedroom!. She is a huge fan of belly rubs.


Live WebCam

Mr. Anderson

Anderson was the last male and last pup born. This guy seems to have a great combination of his parents. He has multiple tickle spots and makes puppy noises when we find tickle spots like Apollo does. He has Apollo's tan cheeks which really stand out with dark copper coat. He also has one of the thicker coats right now. Anderson runs a lot in sleep, so much so, he has actually moved himself around the pool while asleep. This guy gives so many kisses when it is his turn to be weighed. 


Some browsers may require you to press play to activate the live feed.  IF the camera is offline we are performing routine puppy maintenance or the pups are running around the house.  Check back soon to view live cam.

Miss Azaela

Azaela is a dark copper pup. She was actually the first pup born in the litter. She is one adorable and we are surprised no one has asked for her yet. She has a tiny white mark on her forehead. She also has Apollo's tan cheeks. Her color is interesting as her snout actually has white on it as opposed to the copper color the rest of her is. Azaela is one of the strongest walker/scooters right now. She also runs in her sleep quite frequently. 

Puppy names listed are used to help us distinguish them; for this litter we used several well known princesses.  The pups Forever names are chosen by their furrever families.  Those names will NEVER be listed on the website to protect their privacy. 

Our puppy price: Limited AKC Registration, NO BREEDING RIGHTS, to approved homes is $800 tax included. 
We do Require a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit in form of USPS Money Order.  The balance of $600 must be paid upon puppy pick up and can be in cash/money order.  All pups will be given first set of vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormer given at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.  You will also receive helpful training handouts; toy, sample of puppy food that your pup will be on, health guarantee, harness/leash to go home with.  ALL our pups are vet checked prior to leaving us. 

 Parvo Virus spreads very quickly through litters.  In person puppy viewing will be unavailable until the pups are 6 weeks old and can have their vaccinations.  Since they are so little physical signs/symptoms usually appear to late and we value the pups too much to risk anything happening to them.  We appreciate your understanding in this.

Please use the CONTACT US link to reach us for any additional questions or email us at: Info@AuroraBorealisHuskys.com  Our wait list families will receive priority in picking a puppy. Any remaining pups will be available on a first come first serve basis.

We use Banfield Pet Hospital for all of our animals and now have the ability to offer our new families a discounted visit when they take their Pup to any Banfield Nationwide.

 Mr. Axel


Axel has the thickest coat of the litter & I love cuddling him because he is so soft and he seems to enjoy that too!.He probably is the best walker in the group. He is one of the pups that is usually sleeping on his back. Axel is usually one of the last pups to move to go eat. He has the most traditional looking masks of this litter. This guy is so cuddly and has the coat closest to Apollo. 

Arabella x Apollo

Can go to furrever homes the week of 5/7/19. 

Pups turned 6 weeks old this week. They all went to the vet and received their first round of vaccines and have been microchipped.

You may have noticed the camera off more frequently, as they are beginning to socialize and roam the rest of the house more and more. We will be transitioning the pups from soft mushy food to regular hard puppy food this week. Pups are lapping water very well and are eating and digesting their food as expected. 

We will continue turning off lights at night so they get used to dark time. We look forward in seeing anyone that will be joining us next week at the vet! 

 We have started to play Pandora Spa/Relaxation music for them at night. This is something we have done with our dogs and every litter. We have found the music tends to calm them down a little bit & we recommend continuing this when pups leave to make them feel more comfortable.

Miss Abigail

Abigail has a similar mask to Audrey except she is Red/White. Audrey is on the smaller side right now. Abigail does not like to lay by herself and usually nestles herself in between at least two of her siblings. She is another pup that has tried to scoot/walk. Abigail continues to get better at walking and she was able to stand the longest before falling back down. She is walking so much right now she keeps walking off the scale when we try to weigh her.




Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

Miss Audrey

I think Audrey has really interesting markings on her back. We will be very interested in seeing how they change as she grows. Some of the pictures she looks darker, like a black and white pup. We think that she will end up being gray and white in the end. Audrey was the first pup to give puppy kisses to me. Audrey was the first pup to begin opening her eyes. She is one we can tell color of and as of right now they are blue. *Eye color can change until a pup is 12 weeks old & it is never guaranteed.

Mr. Austin


Austin was actually the first male born in this litter. 4th born overall. Austin has some personality, he already seems to act a lot like Apollo, pretty calm and loves smiling for his pictures. He has been the pup that has a few tickle spots. He is black/white and we believe he will stay black/white. He has a white line on his left shoulder that goes up to his back. He also has a pretty cool looking mask. Austin is one of the larger pups so far in this litter. He is also one of the softest pups. His eyes were just barely cracking open so far.