I just wanted to update you on how he is doing. He is doing great and very active. He is keeping Mom busy but I would not trade it for anything.  The first  two pics are at my dad's house playing with his uncle Alfred. Needless to say he was pretty tuckered out. Smokey is getting taller. Both sides of the family have noticed that within a week.. I will send more pics as he grows. Thanks again for giving me such a wonderful dog.

Missy G.

Arabella's Past Litters

 I thought you might enjoy some of these pictures of Koda. He is such a good dog and he is potty trained and has full run of the house now.
Have a Great weekend.
       Martha and Tom

Hi Sarah and Chris!! Here is a pic of Sophie with her new harness!! She's so darn adorable!! And very fiesty, but I think she's starting to adjust pretty well! Thank you for everything! 
Judy Bogdanets

All is well. We are having a great time. The pups saw the vet and had a great visit. The vet thinks we have well behaved pups. They adjusting really good. They are still exploring. They stick together like glue. We will continue to send pics. Thank you very much for the pups.

Here are a few updated pictures of the dogs. They are doing wonderfully and we just love having them in our family. The kids are so great with them and we've gotten compliments from our vet about what a great temperament the puppies have when we take them for shots.

Thank you again for giving us such a great addition to the family.

I'll try to send more updates later but wanted to let you know they are doing great.

Glad to give you a smile.  Jasmine is now our Shika (green collar) and she is definitely fluffier.  Her one eye is turning a little green. She seems to be a little more the dominant. Dushka waits for her to do things first before joining.  Dushka is our kisser.  We definitely feel blessed with them.  Our daughter keeps telling us this is the best time of her life since we got the puppies.
We take them everywhere with us and I can't tell you how many people want pictures with them.  They went sled riding with us yesterday and were exhausted for the rest of the night.

Pups are fantastic. Adjusting well and so very sweet. They never leave each other's side. We are in love!

Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

Hi there!!!

Diesel is fitting in just wonderful. He has been playing with Kenna and then he passes out!!! We can't thank you enough!!! I will continue to send pictures!

We went to the vet today and we are at 23lbs!!! He is healthy and got his shots. He is going very well. Sleeps in a big crate with the other dog and loves it. Will continue to update!

Happy New Year!!