Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                               What does AKC Limited Registration mean?

​                                   AKC Limited registration is given out to all puppies, unless otherwise requested.  All this means is that your puppy is still                                         registered with the AKC, however you cannot use him/her for breeding purposes.  If you want your Siberian puppy as a                                         pet only, limited registration is perfect for your family.  IF you plan on showing or breeding, we do offer full AKC registration

                                 to approved homes.  Full registration is available for an additional cost, and will be registered with Co-Ownership and the                                         prefix  "Dillen's" will be added to the name of ALL puppies placed with full registration.  Once a deposit is placed, if you                                         change your mind there is no guarantee that breeding rights will be approved.

                              What does Co-Owning mean?

                                    Any puppy placed with Full AKC registration for the purposes of breeding or showing will be co-owned.  This means that                                        while you are the physical owner of the puppy; We remain on the paperwork as an owner as well.  A co-owned pup cannot                                     be bred, sold, or transferred without both owners signing off on the action.  We do this to protect our puppies and bloodlines.
                             Do accept payment plans?
                                   We occasionally do allow payments to be made; however the puppy MUST be paid in full before it goes home with you.                                         This means that you can send payments on a younger puppy and have it paid in full by the time it is ready to go, or you can                                     place a deposit on a puppy that is ready to go now or soon ready to go, and we hold him/her for you until the total is paid.                                       IF the puppy reaches 12 weeks of age and still has not been paid in full or picked up, a daily fee is charged to cover the cost                                     of shots, de-wormings, food and care.
                                    Are Siberian Huskies part wolf?
                         No. The Siberian Husky is a domesticated pure bred dog and has been for many centuries. They are sometimes                                       mistaken for wolves, and they are sometimes used in movies to depict wolves, but they are most certainly not wolves or                           part wolf.

                                    Why are some Siberian noses partially pink and partially black?

                         This is called a "snow nose", and is fairly common in the breed. A snow nose is a reddish or pink marking on a black or                           liver colored nose. Snow nose can disappear over warmer months and reappear over the winter months. There is                                     nothing wrong with a snow nose, and it is perfectly acceptable in the breed.

                                  Can Siberians have different colored eyes?

                         Yes. This is fairly common in the breed. One eye may be blue while the other is brown.

                           Is there something wrong with an eye that is both brown and blue?

                         No. This is called a "pinto eye", a "parti eye", or a "split eye." It is also fairly common in the breed. One or both eyes                               may be all blue with a brown pie shaped wedge, or all brown with a blue wedge. At first glance, it may appear that there                           is something wrong with the eye but there is not. It is simply a matter if pigmentation. This too is perfectly acceptable in                           the breed.

                                  I've heard Siberians are mischievous. Is this true?

                         Yes and no. Siberians are very intelligent dogs. They will often do things that surprise their owners. They can get into                               things that one might think are impossible. When Siberians are bored, they can become quite mischievous, inventive,                               and destructive. This is typical of working dogs. This is why it is so important to include the Siberian in family activities                           and give him plenty of attention and exercise.

                                 I've heard Siberians are high-strung. Is this true?

                        Yes and no. Siberians are a very energetic breed. As a working dog, they need something to do, some way of challenging                            their intelligence and an outlet for their energy. If they are not provided one, they will find one for themselves.

                                  ​I've heard Siberians are dumb. Is that true?

                        No! Siberian Huskies are extremely intelligent working dogs. People often mistake the fact that they can be difficult to                                train as a sign of stupidity. One must keep the Siberian interested and challenge his intelligence in order to properly train                            him. A Siberian will probably know what you want him to do, he just may not want to do it!

                                Just how cold can a Siberian Husky live in?

                        Siberian Huskies can work and live in temperatures as low as 75 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

                                What about heat?

                        Siberian Huskies are remarkably adaptable animals. So long as they have adequate shade, shelter, and water, the seem to                            do just fine in warmer climates. See next question.

                               I live in a hot part of the country. Will this be uncomfortable for my Husky?

                       The best approach to this problem is to select a dog from a reputable breeder in your area or that lives in an area with a                           similar climate to yours. These dogs will be well acclimated to the warmer weather than a Siberian Husky from a cooler                           climate. However, so long as the dog is well taken care of, brushed regularly, has plenty of water and shade, he or she                             will likely be just fine in your warm climate. Siberian Huskies are found all over the world.

                              My Husky digs constantly and is destroying the yard. What can I do?

                       Digging can be a very difficult problem to solve. It is the nature of the breed to dig cooling holes to lie in. One method                             that has worked occasionally for me is to provide the dog an area in your yard in which he is allowed, even encouraged,                           to dig and train him to dig there. A sand-box, of sorts, with soft cool dirt with an occasional treat buried there can work.                           For more information on solving general behavior problems such as this one, see www.k9web.com

                            My Siberian puppy is very noisy, especially at night. What can I do?

                      This is not particular to the breed, but since I get asked this question all of the time, it is worth repeating the answer. The                          noisy puppy at night is simply lonely. He needs to be near his "pack," which is you in this case. It used to be his                                      littermates. Over time, your puppy will learn "pack permanence," in which a human infant learns that objects that                                    "disappear," i.e., a dropped toy, a parent leaving the room, return. They do not vanish from his or her "universe," that is,                          they are "permanent." In the puppy, he needs reassurance that you are "permanent." One easy method is to use a crate at                        night with your puppy, and put the crate next to your bed. When your puppy wakes and whines, you can easily reassure,                        or in some cases "rattle" the cage, to quiet the dog.  For more information on crate training, see www.k9web.com.

                           My Husky puppy seems to be potty training very slowly or not at all. What can I do?

                    Crate training is by far the most effective technique for potty training your dog.  For most dogs, it takes less than a week. A                      good description of crate training can be found at www.k9web.com

                          My Husky is an escape artist.  He constantly gets out of the yard. What can I do?

                   This too is a very simple problem to solve. Siberians can be mischevious, and as a result can be notorious escape artists.                           The best solution to this problem is an electrified wire at the top, and or bottom of your fence, depending on the problem                         (digging or climbing or both). You can obtain a cheap, low power, electric charger at any home improvement store. The                           shock they produce is very small, sort of a strong static electric shock, and the dogs absolutely hate it.  All it takes is one                         shock. For other possible solutions to the escape problem,  see www.k9web.com

                          My Siberian howls all day long annoying the neighbors. What can I do?

                    This too is a simple problem to solve. This problem should be approached in a series of stages. Stage 1 is use simple                                negative reinforcement when the dog makes unacceptable noise. This must be done repeatedly, every time it happens, for                        several days. Stage 2 is to step it up by employing a willing, perhaps the annoyed, neighbor to help. Have him squirt the                          dog with water when the noise happens. Most Siberian Huskies hate water. You could also employ any number of devices                        on the market designed to apply a squirt of water when a noise happens.  For more information solving general behavior                          problems such as this one, seewww.k9web.com

                          I've been told Siberian Huskies are 'cat killers' Is this true?

                   They can be. It depends on how they are socialized as puppies. They have a very strong prey-drive, and if they are not                           socialized to smaller animals as puppies, they will likely kill most small animals they encounter (rabits, squirrels, cats, etc).

                           I have a newborn/small child. Is he/she safe around my husky?

                   It is never a good idea to trust any dog around a small child unsupervised, no matter how docile the dog (and child)                                 seem. Be  extremely careful and supervise the dog and child. Gradually introduce the situation to both to make them both                         comfortable. This advice has nothing to do with the Siberian Husky breed in particular.