We are slowly moving and adding to our feedback/testimonial pages. We have broken them up now by Dam so potential families can see what color types we have received from past litters.

Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

We received very kind words this afternoon (12/5/16) from a family of one of our future Grandpups. We asked if we could share it and it is pasted the email below.  Thank you again Kristy for your kind words.

Thank you for the response!  As hard as it is to wait and wanting a pup "now" I strongly feel its worth the wait to be involved in the whole process.  There are so many other "breeders" out there that have pups now, but honestly I have yet to find one that I like as much as ya'll.  Whether its their lack of quick responses, lack of information, or lack of compassion your "kennel" by far out does the competition!  I just want you to know that your hard work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed.  As someone in the rescue field I refuse to purchase a puppy from anyone who remotely resembles a puppy mill/store.  There are so many out there that try to hide the fact that they are, its terrible! I will continue to look for a husky puppy in rescue and most definitely will let you know if we come across one, but until then we have no interest in seeking any other breeders at this point in time. 

Kristy Isles