Mr. Scooter

Scooter had a home but they never sent his deposit in therefore he is available once again. Scooter has the best coat out of the group and is incredibly lazy for a husky. He would be a great addition to anyone's family. Scooter was the second pup delivered. He was the first pup we found asleep upside down in the water bowl. He is perfectly content playing with his littermates but he is fond of his alone time. However, everyone seems to always want to cuddle on him, so he doesn't get much alone time. He loves the carpet and ran and ran on the carpeting in the house.

As mentioned above Nadiya had a very difficult delivery and needed assistance multiple times during her delivery. She had a great pregnancy and we had no reason to believe there was anything wrong with her our her puppies.

We have one pup that we are considering as 'Special Needs.' We will be incredibly picky on where these pups go. Guinness will have great life but may require extra attention.




Nadiya x Thor

Nadiya had a very difficult delivery this litter and we have decided this will be her last litter. Please read puppy descriptions. We do our best to be as descriptive as possible with each pup. However, please remember, we have someone home with our dogs and grandpups 24/7. When they leave us it is more likely you won't have someone available 24/7 so the pup will need time, and patience from you to adjust to their new life.

Nadiya's pups were born Wednesday morning 1/22/2020. They will be off to their furrever homes the weekend of 3/20/2020. Please remember we DO NOT breed for or guarantee blue eyes and a pups eyes can change until they are 12 weeks old. 

Pups received the first round of de-wormer 2/5/2020. They all did very well with it. Eyes are beginning to open but they aren't open long enough to get the best pictures. Please remember we never breed for blue eyes and their eyes can change until they are 12 week of age!

Some browsers may require you to press play to activate the live feed.  IF the camera is offline we are performing routine puppy maintenance or pups are roaming the house.  Check back soon to view live cam.

Mr. Finnegan

Finnegan was born Jet Black. He has a traditional mask. Finnegan is the largest male of the litter. If he is not sleeping on Nadiya, we usually find him sleeping by himself. He was the first to give me kisses. Finnegan was 1st to attempt walking. He is very much like Fiona, he walks very well and has an adorable little howl/bark. His tail is usually always wagging! Finn is amazing. He is very calm and laid back. He doesn't much get into playing with everyone else. He is perfectly content playing with a toy on his own but he will play with everyone else IF he feels like it. He gives the most puppy kisses and doesn't say much. Fin is overall pretty laid back. He will play with his friends, but when his friends has enough, he will snuggle up with a toy and fall asleep.


Live Webcam

Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

Mr. Dublin 

Dublin is Guinness' twin. He is also red & white, and has a small white dot on his back. He is trying to stand and walk. He goes about TWO very large steps then over pushes himself and falls down. It is adorable. Dublin is usually found asleep on Guinness or at the bottom of the puppy pile. He likes to snuggle with his littermates and he always curls up in our hands. Dublin is the smallest of the litter. Although you would never know it to listen to him talk. He likes to talk a lot and will frequently talk to Nadiya and encourage his littermates to talk with him. They make amazing music together!

Dublin is a sweetie; he is another snuggle bug and his coat is probably the softest out of the litter.

Miss Fiona

Fiona was a surprise. She arrived more then 3 hours after the last pup. She is a black and white pup with a traditional mask. Fiona is the largest pup in the litter. She is not afraid to wiggle herself to Nadiya even if she wiggles her siblings out of the way. Fiona has gray on her legs and looks very similar to Finnegan. Fiona is often found sleeping on her back. She loves the rope toy and if everyone has a rope toy, she will borrow someone's tail. Fiona has not been much of a talker but is frequently found asleep near Scooter or Molly.

Miss Molly 

Molly was the first born from the litter. She was born breech and we had to assist Nadiya a little bit. Molly is looking very much like Nadiya wolf gray with more red coming out in her hind legs. She is Nadiya's clone. She is getting a little fiesty and talkative. She is doing better with her wobbily walk and loves sleeping on top of her littermates. Fiona is still her best snuggle buddy. Molly is beginning to talk a little more. She also despises picture day. She is very particular on who she gives her kisses to. She also enjoys getting her siblings fired up to play!

Mr. Guinness

Guiness was the third pup born from the litter.  Guinness is typically snuggling with Dublin. Guinness is the first male pup to Nadiya when he gets hungry. We have also found him frequently sound asleep on his back. Guinness has progressed really well with walking. He has been giving a lot of puppy kisses, and he really enjoys cuddling in our arms.

Guinness has had one eye open for a few days and we noticed recently that his other eye didn't look quite right although it was still closed. We took him to the vet and it still is slightly early to tell for sure; he may not have his other eye.  Dr. Beach has advised  us to continue to monitor his eye- to see if it will open on its own; or if it is truly missing. She has said this will not affect his quality of life in any way.

Because we don't know for sure, we are calling him Special Needs until he gets a little older and we can confirm his eye status

Puppy names listed are used to help us distinguish them. For this litter, we picked candy names. The pups Forever names are chosen by their furrever families.  Those names will NEVER be listed on the website to protect their privacy. 

Our puppy price: Limited AKC Registration, NO BREEDING RIGHTS, to approved homes is $750 plus tax. 
We do Require a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit in form of USPS Money Order.  The balance of $600 must be paid upon puppy pick up and can be in cash/money order.  All pups will be given first set of vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormer given at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.  You will also receive helpful training handouts; toy, sample of puppy food that your pup will be on, health guarantee, harness/leash to go home with,litter blanket.  ALL our pups are vet checked prior to leaving us. 

 Parvo Virus spreads very quickly through litters.  In person puppy viewing will be unavailable until the pups are 6 weeks old and can have their vaccinations.  Since they are so little physical signs/symptoms usually appear to late and we value the pups too much to risk anything happening to them.  We appreciate your understanding in this.

Please use the CONTACT US link to reach us for any additional questions or email us at:  Our wait list families will receive priority in picking a puppy.  Any remaining pups will be available on a first come first serve basis. After an application has been filled out and approved.

All pups are sold on spay/neuter contract.

We use Banfield Pet Hospital for all of our animals and now have the ability to offer our new families a discounted visit when they take their Pup to any Banfield Nationwide.