Shadow is doing great.  Potty training is challenging though!  He is usually pretty laid back.  We are enjoying him. He is doing well!
His favorite spot is under the table when he is not on someone's lap.

Lori VB

​Hi Sarah and Chris,

We continue to have fun with our little Shadow. The first week he was here he was very laid back and mellow. I think he's getting more comfortable here because his energy level has increased this week, and it's a lot of fun. We take him on walks every day. He is very social and happy. He loves when people stop to pet him or talk to him during our walks.

Hey Sarah,

 Frost has been nothing but great! I honestly couldn't of asked for a better dog in anyway. I have received all of his akc stuff and have him registered for health insurance as well. He had his first doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully he will do great with that! I also had him groomed he just wasn't so happy about the nails being clipped. Here are some updated photos of him and hope to hear from you soon! 

Here is a picture of Brutus with the candy cane bone. We are adjusting well and crate training is going pretty good - only waking up one time per night to go out. Hopefully in another week, we will be sleeping though the night again!

Happy new year to you, too! We are so lucky to have this little man as part of it. Nero is always so full of energy and has been a great walking buddy.

Jessica Jones

​Elsa is adjusting very well!


Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

Wanted to send you a one year pic of Koda! (I call him my Koda bear...remember, black and white with blue eyes and a white spot on the back of his neck? We love Koda...he is so much fun! He was neutered in March and now weighs around 47-50#. Thx, Jim and Joan and Jason Tompkins

Thx for the follow up. Koda climbs on the table to get our attention in the house and to look inside at us through the family room window....very smart, with a sense of humor and stubborn too! Love this pic of him that you took, when he was very young, with those deep blue eyes....remember this? Enlarge it so you can see how blue his eyes were...they are still blue but more ice-blue now. our son, Jason, now 16, is so connected to Koda! we love our Husky! Hope you are well. Joanie

Alaska is doing marvelously!!  She is phenomenal!  She is definitely in good hands, she is a handful though!  She always obeys commands and follows me everywhere.  She doesn't like the crate and will howl for awhile before calming down.  

Thanks so much for helping us find her.


Nadiya's Past Pups

Past Nadiya x Apollo Pups

I just wanted to give you both an update how Loki did over night. He didn't cry at all, he slept really well and was very cuddly. He's doing well and getting a lot of attention from anyone that sees him. Here is a pic of him this morning after he found a mountain of leaves. He got super excited and was jumping all around. 


​​Hey guys,
Here is Loki's first experience with snow. The little guy loves it. He's such a happy dog. He is learning so much. Slow progress with potty training though, but did well today. I'm training him to use the bell. He used the bell and sat at the door every time he needed to use the potty, so there is definitely progess. He's a good boy. Loves attention. Hope you guys are well!! 

Hi Sarah!

Dakota is doing great! We love her so much! She's listening well, giving hugs and kisses, and sleeping through the night! We got her cute accessories! She definitely is perfect when with the children or group of people. She likes to stay by our sides and follow us around the house. She loves Picco (our other dog) they've been playing a lot! She loves stuffed animals too! We are in love with her. Thank you again for raising such a well behaved dog and giving her love and attention. She's truly a gift to us. 

Concetta & the Girls.  


Frost is doing amazing, what a good puppy! He's so stinking cute

Randi Wilson 

Chris and Sarah: I just wanted to update you with some pictures. Scott and I absolutely are in love with Okemos Anoki. He is such a lover, gives kisses, is so smart and can be such a little wild child if he is not walked at least once a day and ran once a day as well. Sadie and Sargent took about two months to get use to a puppy in the house but they love him the same as we do now also. He has already learned how to come, hault (sit), lay, roll, swim, shakes knowing the difference between his right and left and is learning more each day. Other then the love and obsession of tearing up mommy’s bra’s he has no bad habits at all. All in all, he has gotten a total of 4 of my new bra’s as if he doesn’t have more toys then most toddlers’ get for Christmas. However, he prefers bra’s over his stuffed animals. So, with that being said, they are in his toy basket but he still tries to open up the dresser drawer, we have to close the walk in closet and remember to never leave them laying in the laundry basket or left at the top of the dryer because he will jump up ANYWHERE to get to them. We just wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase him because after losing Zeus (our last Siberian Husky) right before his 13th birthday two years ago due to kidney failure we contemplated getting another one because no other dog can replace any other dog you love but Okemos has brought a whole new joy to our life. We could not be more grateful and wanted to let you know how much he is truly loved and a blessing to our family and will continue to be. We’ll update you with pictures in another 6-12mths. Sincerely, Scott, Andrea, Sadie, Sargent and Okemos Fuchs P.S. The Dogs thank you is translated to “Ruff, Ruff and Ruff.”


Apex is adjusting so well in his new home! He has met so many new puppy friends and gets along so well with all of them! Our fearless little guy loves walking up and down the steps, playing tag with his friends, and napping. We love him so much!

We will keep you updated on him and his growth! :)

-Renee and Chris

Hi Sarah and Chris!
Well time sure does fly! It seems like we just picked up Apex yesterday! He just wanted to say hello and tell you that he's being spoiled with love on his birthday! Hope you and the dogs are doing well!
Renee, Chris, and Apex

Hi Chris and Sarah,
Wanted to check in and let you know we are all doing great.
Wanted to share our top 3 things that have helped us the most with having 2 pups for possibly other owners.
1- puppy play pen ( on Amazon--not expensive) We think this is much better than crates!!
2- Puppy cam. We just access it on our phones if we are away and we know what they are doing. Great piece of mind!!
3- Sound machine. We put them down for bed, turn on the river, stream or ocean and they settle within a few minutes.

Ivan and Lily are doing well..sleeping 7+ hours and few accidents in house.

Past Nadiya x Thor Pups

Hey guys! Anushka's first night went great, she slept in her cage and surprisingly she didn't complain about it. There were no bad messes except for earlier she had an accident on the carpet. It seems like her favorite place to sleep is right underneath the couch, I've attached a photo of her sleeping. I know it's early but we just wanted to let you know how her first night went and we'll keep sending photos as she grows up.

Hi Sarah and Chris!

I saw your post on Facebook and thought I would send you an update with photos of Zosia (Zooey) - (Nadiyas 9/3/14 litter)

We absolutely adore her. We think she is the most beautiful dog out there - and her sassy personality keeps us laughing!! We are so thankful, she brings us joy. 

Thank you again - and happy holidays!

Natasha, Gary, and Zooey Kim