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   Aspen (daisy) is doing great. You would think she has been part of our family for quite some time. Our ridgeback, Ella and her are getting along great. The cats are still not sure about her  but they will warm up eventually. Thanks again for everything. 

Hi Sarah!

Khaleesi is doing very well! She slept the whole entire ride home! We were so amazed by how well behaved she was. Definitely made the ride home a lot easier for us all. Her first night she never wanted to be out of our sight so I slept on the couch with her. I felt like everything must have been traumatic for her leaving her litter and family behind for a new one.

Khaleesi has been a very active puppy and loves swimming! She has had a few puppy play dates already but gets pretty scared when big dogs come up to her. Not a day goes by where she doesn't get attention from every single person that passes her by. She's a very smart girl and within 2 days of being with us, had already learned her name, how to sit, lay down and shake on command. Even the vet was blown away. She is very healthy according to her vet visit and she's already a favorite patient of theirs. She is still potty training and we started crate training her yesterday so we'll see how that goes. 

Hope everything is going well with you guys. 


Hi Sarah! 

Miss Khaleesi is doing well! She's super goofy and always keeps us laughing. :) Growing up way too fast

Everest looking at pictures of her mommy and daddy

She has another vet appointment tomorrow for her rabies shot, I will let you know how much she weighs...I think it was 20lbs. A couple weeks ago...

While looking at pictures she would lay there, and whenever Jeff would exit out she would put her front paws on the entertainment stand and sniff the television. She's a very entertaining pup. 

Awww that is wonderful...Everest has learned to climb over our baby gate..I'm sure with all your kids and grandkids you're quite busy. Feel free to use anything I've sent you...Everest has learned to seek revenge if you tell her no about something she really wants she will look at you and use the restroom right there on the floor. But other than that she is doing great on the harness and with potty training...we've began to switch her from the Purina ProPlan she was on to Purina puppy chow complete because the only place we could find the ProPlan was across town...but she's doing well with it, no bowel problems and should be completely changed over by the weekend...

​Most recent picture of Everest and she made her first Christmas ornament as well...this is before we painted it...


Just writing to send you couple pics of bolt as he is growing up! He is getting so big!! Already weighs 26lbs. His runny nose issue has gone away. Besides that he is a very happy healthy puppy! I hope you enjoy the pics.

Cynthia and Tony

Sable's Past Pups


I just wanted to give you an update! Kya is such an amazing dog and she's getting quite a personality. Not a day goes by where we don't get stopped by numerous people admiring her. She's like a little model and draws attention wherever she goes. She loves every dog and person she meets too! The snow was an adventure for her! She was walking with her head down and mouth open like a shovel. She never fails to make us laugh. This week she starts kindergarten, even though she's behaving pretty good already. I love having her as a best friend! Thank you for everything!