Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

The Boys

Apollo's Midnight Run; 'Apollo'

Apollo is our newest addition.  He has Bright Blue eyes and a black/tan/white coat.  He got his name because when we got home with him it was just after midnight.  He was such a great pup on the 3.5 hour drive, but once we got home and we put him on the ground he ran and ran a lot around the yard until he tuckered himself out and we could all go to bed for the night.

Apollo is  a wooly coat husky.  He has a great demeanor and is the happiest pup we have ever seen.  At first his other four-legged family members were very hesitant of him.  Probably because he looked different; but he has been accepted into the pack and although it is winter in North East Ohio, he insists on jumping into the fish pond or trying to swim in his water bowl in the kitchen.

Thorley 'Thor'

Thor is our Bi-eyed Parti eye Red and White Husky.   Thor loves his friends and lets us know it's time to go outside by 'Mooing' at us!  Thor is a proven stud and takes an active role with his kids.  When the pups first arrive he gets as close as the females will let him and he gets upset if he cannot see his kids right away.  When the pups are old enough to 'roam' the house Thor allows the pups to play on him like their personal jungle gym.

Thor is very protective of the girls and his pups.  When it is time for the pups to leave us we need to make sure Thor isn't around as he gets very upset as he cries and pouts!

Thor is a real crowd pleaser when he meets new people. Loveable and welcoming anyone that will scratch behind his ears or give him a belly rub.