Dillen's Aurora Borealis Huskies, LLC

Arabella: 'Bella'

We already had black, gray and red so it made sense to get a pure white Husky.  Bella is our pure white pup with piercing blue eyes! Bella is a sweetheart and has become the 'GodMother' to our pups in previous litters. She watches them like a hawk and makes sure they aren't getting into too much trouble.  Bella shares the back of the of our sled line, or front directly in front of the sled, depending on how you look at it with Thor.  She is both incredibly strong and quick.   Bella was the most laid back of our pack until we got Apollo.  Arabella loves attention, but also like 'her space'  usually when huskies are too quiet they are getting into trouble, not Arabella, she hides behind the chair or goes in front of the door and takes her nap!  We are incredibly lucky to have found her!  She has a sweet personality but isn't afraid to stand up for herself if one of her brothers/sisters is trying to take away her favorite rope toy!  Arabella will have her first litter in 2015; see our Available Puppies page for more information.

Nadiya Faith

Nadiya is our first Husky.  Nadiya is the only dog I didn't get to go and pick up, my husband picked her up on his own and she is a 'Daddy's Girl.'   She is gentle and very talkative. She says I Love You, Outside, Yes, No and loves giving kisses, whether you want them or not! Nadiya is our Gray and White Husky. She hates being left out of anything! She loves the swimming pool and if you are outside and not playing with her she WILL find some mud to run in, we call that putting her boots on, since she has white legs and once she muds them up it looks like she is wearing boots! We think she just likes getting put in the shower to get hosed off. Definitely the attention seeker of the group! ​ Nadiya typically has large litters as many as nine.  She has had coat colors in Black/White, Gray/White and both Light & Dark Red/White pups.  We have noticed her litters seem to be mainly males.  Nadiya's best friend is Hailey.

Hailey Jane

Hailey is our Lab/Mix and our watch dog.  She also keeps the Huskie's in line! She is the doggy boss.  Hailey not only keeps our huskies in line, she allows the pups to play with her, within reason; and when they are getting to worked up she is quick to show her authority to calm the pups down.  While the Huskies play in the snow, Hailey prefers the warmer weather and lets the Huskies patrol the grounds for the most part when it's really cold out.

Dutchess Sable: 'Sable'

Sable is our second husky.  Since Nadiya turned out to be a Daddys Girl, we needed to have one that only liked me!  Just kidding, although Sable is my little Princess, which drives my husband crazy...to this day he still says she doesn't like him; even though they are often found sleeping next to each other or her sitting on his lap on his chair. Sable is our black and white husky and has the bright blue eyes! Sable is the quiet one of the group and only barks if someone is playing with 'her' toys!  Sable is an amazing Mom to her pups! She will play with them and teach them what they should and shouldn't be doing.  She will run around the house with the pups and play tag with them; it is a game of tag!  Sable is the fastest of all our Huskies and is our lead dog with Nadiya.  She tries to be 'Mom' to Nadiya's litters too.  Sable has very cat like movements as well.  Sable has had relatively small litters usually only up to four pups; this makes sense as Sable is a little smaller then Nadiya.  Sable has produced Black/White and Dark Red/White Pups.  Sable and Thor are usually inseparable!   

The Girls

We have 5 female dogs.  Four are Sibes.  We will start with the Leader of the pack.